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Two exceptional brands for a unique experience

The Martin’Spa Fitness & Wellness Club in Genval combine the know-how of expert hands with the quality of Thémaé and Reveel treatments. Result: you immediately feel revitalised and your deeply regenerated skin has a radiant glow.

European expertise at the service of your wellness

The Martin’Spa Fitness & Wellness Club has selected two quality brands in order to offer you the best possible experience: Thémaé, a French brand pioneering treatments enriched with tea for a concentrate of antioxidant efficiency; and Reveel, a revolutionary German brand specialising in collagen care as well as the development of skin care products.


Thémaé, your skin's cup of tea

Like tea that provides a moment of relaxation and actively protects the health of the drinker, Thémaé treatments bring deep well-being to the body and face. Founded in 2007 by Guillaume Lefèvre and Bertrand Thiery, Thémaé is a unique concept of cosmetic and spa products totally dedicated to wellness which finds its inspiration in the Art of Tea.

Thémaé, the Japanese name for the tea ceremony, celebrates its virtues and restores them at the heart of each formula in the precious Complexe des 4 Thés (4 Tea Complex), which combines regenerating white tea, stimulating black tea, antioxidant green tea and blue tea. Each treatment distils one of these teas and combines it with balanced spring water to preserve its absolute purity. The Martin'Spa Fitness & Wellness Club offers a selection of Thémaé treatments from among the most emblematic of the brand.

Why Thémaé? For the quality of its massage protocols, the respect for the tea ritual as well as the extremely powerful and natural antioxidant power of each of the products.


Reveel, to reveal your beauty

Reveel is a professional skin care brand, strongly grounded in medical and scientific expertise. This brand offers the scientifically proven performance of active ingredients that support the skin's natural functions for optimal results. Reveel revitalises the skin, helps it regain all its radiance and visibly improves its quality.

Based on the exclusive Advanced CryoSafe method, Reveel regenerates the skin using high-performance active ingredients. These products help your skin to meet its individual needs by reactivating and accelerating its natural functions, but also to replenish the nutrients it so badly needs. Reveel is our partner in revealing the natural radiance of your skin!

Discover the benefits of Thémaé and Reveel treatments during a wellness break at the Martin’Spa Fitness & Wellness Club in Genval.


Escape Massage


50' - 80'
105€ - 155€

The absolute luxury of a 100% customised massage, by listening to your needs and preferences of the moment.

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