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A tailor-made anti-ageing facial that lifts and remodels without surgery or invasive methods. This new anti-wrinkle facial targets skin that has lost its firmness and lacks radiance.A natural, effective and relaxing method, this professional treatment sculpts the face through a deep and methodical massage of each fascia muscle and stimulates the micro-circulation through lymphatic drainage. 

The advantage of this treatment is that it is 100% customisable and made-to-measure. A real synergy is created between the ultra-concentrated and clean
Thémaé BioCosmeceuticals and the targeted and deep manoeuvres of the fasciatherapist and her Roller Sculptor.

Natural lifting
Deep targeted action
Stimulation of collagen and elastin production



Escape Massage


50' - 80'
105€ - 155€

The absolute luxury of a 100% customised massage, by listening to your needs and preferences of the moment.

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