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Jacuzzi duo


The scrub promotes the exfoliation of dead cells. It smooths the skin and contributes to its softness as well as its homogeneity. The ideal treatment for a new skin and preparing your skin for the application of a nourishing, moisturising or slimming treatment. 


The purpose of wraps is to hydrate and nourish the skin. They can also have soothing virtues for muscle tension or stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, but also offer you detoxifying, remineralising, toning, or antioxidant properties.

Kansu bowl: this foot massage using a traditional bowl comes from Ayurvedic traditions. It promotes the elimination of toxins via the respiratory and digestive systems. Soothing and absolute relaxation guaranteed!

Cranial massage: the cranial massage relaxes the neck and the skull with effective work done on the pressure zones while bringing energetic and mental relaxation.



Escape Massage


50' - 80'
105€ - 155€

The absolute luxury of a 100% customised massage, by listening to your needs and preferences of the moment.

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